Further reading

A selection of research documents, news items and other articles giving background to how taking action on active travel can contribute to the achievement of Worcestershire County Council’s key priorities.


Reduces traffic congestion

Around the globe congestion is choking our cities and seeing annual pollution targets breached just days into the year. Costing over €100 billion annually, congestion sets European cities back to the equivalent of 1% of the entire EU GDP.

Healthier workforce improves productivity

Increases sales for local businesses


Improves academic attainment

Reduces transport poverty

Increases disposable incomes


Reduces carbon emissions

Improves air quality

Car use is, whether naturally or otherwise, largely declining in dense urban environments. In Paris car use is down 30% since 2001, while cycling’s modal share rose by eight percent between 2013 to 2014. The result when cars are banned, as evidenced by a 2015 day ban, offer a 40% drop in pollution in the city centre.

  • Cycling and urban air quality (pdf) (European Cyclists’ Federation document, 2015). Web link no longer working, Nov. 2021.

Improves the public realm


Improves physical and mental health

Reduces road casualties

Improves social cohesion


Physical Activity Guidelines from Department of Heath and Social Care Infographics explaining the physical activity needed for general health benefits for all age groups, disabled adults, pregnant women and women after childbirth. (2019)

The British Cycling Economy – ‘ Gross Cycling Product’ report (pdf) from London School of Economics/British Cycling/Sky, 2012. See infographic on page 5.

Local Transport Note 1/20, July 2020 (pdf): Department for Transport Cycle Infrastructure Design guide. Essential reading for anyone who wants to enable more active travel in England. (Wales has is own Active Travel Act guidance.) Plus their Active travel: local authority toolkit and Transport in rural areas: local authority toolkit (both April 2022).

Active Travel Info is there to support expenditure on cycling and walking infrastructure, in particular guiding local authorities in producing Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans.

Check the material available from Dutch Cycling Embassy.

Walkipedia has a Scottish focus but has wider active travel facts and figures too.

Loveable Neighbourhoods Guide (16MB pdf via issuu.com).