Elections 2021

Worcestershire Active Travel Partnership sent the following letter to all candidates standing for election in the County Council Elections in May. The responses received from elected councillors can be seen via this list.

Dear Candidate

Act on Active Travel

Thank you for standing for election. If elected you’ll have to deal with lots of competing pressures on increasingly tight budgets. As we ‘Build Back Better’ we’re sure you’ll agree it is critical that limited resources are used effectively to bring about positive change.

That’s where investment in Active Travel can help. Below are just a few ways that making it easier and safer for more of your constituents to walk or cycle to work, school, shop etc. will help to deliver against all four of Worcestershire County Council’s key priorities:

Open for Business

  • Reduces traffic congestion
  • Healthier workforce improves productivity
  • Increases sales for local businesses

Children and Families

  • Improves academic attainment
  • Reduces transport poverty
  • Increases disposable incomes

The Environment

  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Improves air quality
  • Improves the public realm

Health and Well-Being

  • Improves physical and mental health
  • Reduces road casualties
  • Improves social cohesion

In its recent ‘Gear Change’ report (pdf) the Department for Transport sets out its vision for significantly increasing the number of short journeys made on foot or bicycle. A key theme is empowering and encouraging Local Authorities to act locally. The report sets out why this is important. It provides best practice examples that could be delivered in your Division.

In the lead up to May elections the Worcestershire Active Travel Partnership asks you to make a commitment to Act on Active Travel and describe what you will do, if elected, to enable and encourage Active Travel in your Division and in Worcestershire during the next council term.

All pledges and comments of support received will be made available to thousands of members of the various local clubs and organisations we represent through websites and social media so they are better informed as to which candidates they may wish to vote for on 6 May.

Worcestershire Active Travel Partnership – We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote

Email: worcestershireactivetravel@gmail.com Tel: 07974 919175.